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Combining Luxury & Science

Mila’s treatments are custom tailored for each client, depending on their specific skincare needs. We use highly advanced products and tools to treat and correct areas of concern. We believe every person’s skin is truly unique and needs specialized care.


The use of the DNA CryoStem™ Cell (Frozen) System products is reserved for licensed medical and esthetic professional and is intended for topical use only. The ampoule serum is unlike any other product and should be treated as a healing therapeutic agent. The product primarily functions through the ability to share constituents of fresh, embryonic DNA with other living cells and to correctively influence aging cells to promote stronger and healthier skin.

CryoStem™ Cell (Frozen) Serum encompasses every element and constituent of skin: Collagen, hyaluronic acid (a component of collagen), elastin, DNA, RNA (i), fibroblasts, lipids, and embryonic stem cells. The serum also contains vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acid (EFAs), amino acids, antioxidants, and signaling factors, which are naturally present in the exact percentages to effectively communicate with the skin for proper cell renewal. All DNA CryoStem™ (Frozen) Cell Therapy Products share the same basic constituents in different concentrations to achieve specific skin rejuvenation results.

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